Doansbtkennel Staffordshire Bull Terrier.

It buds from a great family's passion for the animals..

Doan Kennel Staffordshire Bull Terrier stands out with subjects selected for their character and in particular for their beauty.

My puppies are ready to come in family.They are well-balanced and suitable for children because they are very playful.

My respect for the selection of the "authentic" Staffordshire Bull Terrier, allows me to convey my passion to the people I meet, in the dog shows, in the breeding and in the every day life.

I'll weit for you, to let you know this amazing breed, not yet very popular in Italy, click here to learn more about the Staffordshire Bull.

The dogs enjoy wide green spaces, with pleasant shaded areas where the dogs can run and have fun.

This dog combines the features of a molossus to those of a medium-size dog. For this reason he is manageable for people who have limited space. For the rest, he is very intelligent and affectionate especially with children.


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